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Farmers are Growing Mississippi!

Mississippi’s #1 Industry

Every day of our lives, we rely on farmers. From breakfast to dinner; in the cars we drive; in the clothes we wear, and the things that we use, the presence of agricultural products is with us every second. And it is a blessing that we all take for granted.

Farm Families of Mississippi has been created for the specific purpose of promoting Mississippi agriculture to the general public.

Farm Families of Mississippi is dedicated to educating those who are not actively engaged in farming of the real benefits we all share in from agriculture, because without an appreciation of what it takes to provide the food, fiber, and energy that we all use, many people tend to dismiss agriculture as unimportant.

In Mississippi, as in so many states, farming is a priority for a multitude of reasons beyond raising crops: It’s about having safe and affordable foods for our families… Caring for the environment through soil conservation, wildlife management and wetlands preservation.

We invite you to learn more about Mississippi agriculture and gain an understanding of the importance of farming to Mississippi and the world.

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